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Fwd: Re: [Issue N16335] A mirroring bug in QTable and QTabDialog

From: qt-bugs (at) trolltech (dot) com
To: "Youcef Rabah Rahal"
CC: qt-bugs (at) trolltech (dot) com
Subject: Re: [Issue N16335]  A mirroring bug in QTable and QTabDialog
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 17:58:56 +0100


On Tuesday, 11. Feb 2003 10:48 Youcef Rabah Rahal wrote:
> Hi,
> I am developping a Graph Drawer with QT (Bayani,
> http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=Bayani) and since it is
> natively designed for Arab users, the mirroring feature is used by
> default.
> The mirroring feature works very well. However, I noticed two
> mirroring bugs in QTable and QTabDialog.
> 1- QTable: The columns are not displayed from right to left as they
> are expected to be. The expected behaviour is to have "Column 0" on
> the right, and then "Column 1" at the left of "Column 0" and so on.
> The mirroring seems to have no effect on the columns display. Also, I
> noticed sometimes that the row numbers are not displayed in the
> mirrored QTables, but without being able to define a systematic
> behaviour, ie sometimes they are displayed and sometimes not.

This is a known problem. The mirroring feature does not work for
QScrollview derived classes in Qt. This is due to the design of the
classes which happened before we started working on the support for
right to left languages. Fixing this will require a large rewrite of
these classes internals, so this won't happen in the next few releases.

> 2- QTabDialog: The buttons are not displayed from right to left. The
> expected behaviour is to have the "OK" button on the right, and the
> "Cancel" button on the left. Currently, the buttons are displayed from
> left to right (no mirroring).

Thanks for reporting. The fix for this bug will be in 3.1.2.

> Would it be possible in future releases of QT to have access to
> QDialogs texts. For example, in my Arabic app, I use QFileDialog,
> QColorDialog, etc but I can't change their English/default texts. So
> these dialogs don't fit exactly with my app that is supposed to
> contain only arabic strings.

You can do this already now. Have a look at the i18n page at

You will need to translate qt_untranslated.ts (in QTDIR/translations,
the arabic translation in there is rather incomplete) using Qt
Linguist, and then install a QTranslator for the translation file you

If you do such a translation, we would be very happy if you could send
us a copy of the translated ts file so we can include it in future Qt
releases ;-)

Best regards,

Lars Knoll, Senior Software Engineer
Trolltech AS, Waldemar Thranes gt. 98, N-0175 Oslo, Norway

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