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Re: Bayani status

--- Youcef Rabah Rahal <yrrahal42 hotmail com> wrote:
> Salam All and Idkoum Moubarak :)

Eid Mubarak to all !!!!

> I would like to take a few lines to talk about the current status of Bayani.
> Since the last release (0.1a, 27th January), there have been significant 
> changes made, the three main ones are:

Youcef, make sure to update the Bayani webpage noting this post.
In other words, note your status post in the project page,


For some pointers on how isn't been done in the past look at,


and search for 'post'.  This will certainly keep those that are not
on the mailing-list informed.

[snip snip]
> For example, here is a practical question: should we make this script 
> language "Shadda" and "Harakat" sensitive or not ? If yes, the user should 
> type in the exact arabic word required by the parser, otherwise it would be 
> a syntax error. If not (in order to have a more user-friendly script), we 
> have to take account of any forms of the word that a user may enter (with or 
> without Shadda, Harakat, Hamza etc), and it can quickly generate some 
> headache to think about all the possibilties that a word can take in this 
> case.

My guess would be not to bother with Harakat, Shadda, etc and to simply
keep it simple (for you and the users :-)

Keep up the wonderful work.

Salam (and ayamkoom saeeda)

 - Nadim

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