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Re: Prayertime autotools (again)

Samy Al Bahra writes:
 > We are not manually creating Makefiles, autoconf is generating them
 > based on our Makefile.in.

I don't consider passing variables as "generating" ;) , but that's just me.

 > I vote for one. After a merge with hijri and other ITL components we
 > will not be building upon the same build framework, we will write one
 > streamlined for this collaboration of projects. Since we are looking at
 > small individual projects though, it is probable that a bunch of
 > Makefile targets to the current build framework will be more than
 > enough.
 > automake is a crufty interface, trust me :)

Then one it is. 

 > > 2- Fix the current automake portability issues and then we'll end up
 > >    with a much simpler approach, less human written code to edit and
 > >    a file smaller and easier to maintain in the future to suit the
 > >    library's design.
 > In the future, things will be revealed. Read above.
 > If you wish to switch to automake, check out the LIBRARY_LDFLAGS
 > variable. Don't forget to take dynamic libraries into
 > consideration...(.so)

I'm interested in learning more about these tools for future projects,
so thanks for the tip.

 > > Because I'm new to Linux programming, I'm quite flexible (but this may
 > > change soon ;), and since you, Samy, are willing to maintain the build
 > > process of this library then of course whatever you decide will be
 > > fine with me.
 > The day you change to automake needlessly, is the day I stop
 > maintaining. Can I commit some changes to deal with time.h properly
 > Thamer (as well as other potential clean-up)? This won't modify any of
 > the build framework.

Yes. Go ahead and improve the build process if you want. Since you are
interested and more experienced in this, I'll leave this task to you.
The most important thing now is to move into a better directory
structure (doc/ src/). Go ahead and make these changes as you see fit.


Thamer Mahmoud

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