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Re: itl library - two questions

--- Abdulhaq <al-arabeyes at alinsyria dot fsnet dot co dot uk> wrote:
> 1 - do you have a database of locations with their lat/long? I got
> mine from trawling the internet and only really found a list of
> international airports.

I did the same searches and ended-up using,


You enter your location, see the map (they include world driving
directions no less - wow :-) and you see the lat/long on the bottom
of the map.

> 2 - do you have much info on the summer time (DST) start and end
> date rules for around the world? I managed to collate a certain amount
> of info and have coded for Europe, US and Australia. It seems you've
> side-stepped the issue for now, what's your plans?

I was looking for those myself - do please let us know what you have
and how robust you found 'em to be.  I also thought that it would be
best to leave it to the user as apposed to having the application
second-guess what the user knows (from a GUI point of view a click-able
button would do).

> Any help on those two points would be much appreciated and I look
> forward to incorporating your library into KPrayertime.

Great !!  One more reason to get this work completed sooner rather
than later.


 - Nadim

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