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Re: itl library - two questions

On Tuesday 16 December 2003 23:03, Nadim Shaikli wrote:

>   http://www.maporama.com
> You enter your location, see the map (they include world driving
> directions no less - wow :-) and you see the lat/long on the bottom
> of the map.

Yes that site seems very useful. I did another search for this data and still 
can't find a definitive list of cities/locations to build into the app. I can 
mention this site in the README.

> I was looking for those myself - do please let us know what you have
> and how robust you found 'em to be.  I also thought that it would be
> best to leave it to the user as apposed to having the application
> second-guess what the user knows (from a GUI point of view a click-able
> button would do).

The DST algorithms I am using are simple and work well in the appropriate 
areas (EU, US, Australia). I did a bit more research and noticed a useful 
little app for the Palm which allows the user to enter the parameters for DST 
in their own country, e.g. "First Sunday of April", "Last Monday of March" 
etc. I could allow the user to enter this type of info. The simplest thing, 
as you suggest, is to let the user manually indicate that DST applies at the 
current time (or not).

When I get time I will add these extra two DST options (after v1.00).