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Re: Developer Guide

On Sat, 6 Dec 2003 03:31:15 -0800, Mohammed Elzubeir <elzubeir at arabeyes dot org> wrote:

I will want to make this a standard for all Arabeyes projects. So, all
developers are advised to go over it and offer feedback. What would you
like to see included in the document and what don't you like about what
it proposes?

  You proposed for us not to use tabs. This goes against almost every
  project I have seen. Actually, it should be completely the opposite,
  we should try avoiding space indentation. This comes from more than
  just personal style but the fact that various text editors (atleast
  decent ones, emacs, vim, scintilla framework, gedit, etc...) allow
  a user to set tab-size. This means as a developer, if I like my code
  indented by two spaces, I just tell the text editor to do so. When
  using spaces you ARE seriously stuck with the given indentation style.

  Please see http://www.gsp.com/cgi-bin/man.cgi?section=9&topic=style
  for a reference.

File naming conventions You cannot assume all programming languages operate fine with lower case filenames. Take Java for example. I _do_ agree with this note but you must make a list of possible exceptions.

Change Log
 I'm famous! I'm famous!

I know that not a single project currently complies with the guidelines
I put (not even duali or akka -- projects I have been involved with).
However, the idea is to maintain consistency across our projects as well
as making it easy for new developers to figure out what is expected of

Make sure it is a POPULAR consistancy please. :) Great work elsewhere.

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