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RE: Developer Guide


From: Mohammed Elzubeir
Subject: Developer Guide
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2003 03:31:15 -0800

I will want to make this a standard for all Arabeyes projects. So, all
developers are advised to go over it and offer feedback. What would you
like to see included in the document and what don't you like about what
it proposes?

You want feedback ? Here it comes ;-)

1- Could you add a small paragraph on how to use the superbe 'Arabeyes Web Todo Manager' ? ;) [I could write it though. In that case, just mark as a todo for me ;)]

2- I think a paragraph about autotools would be welcome [though maybe it wouldn't fit inside the developer guide ?, not sure].

3- A few guidelines on what to do to make a release. Specifically for the beginner Arabeyes developer, but it would also be useful as a checklist for the 'senior' developers ;) Namely: How to deal with sourceforge, freshmeat etc.

4- Maybe a few guidelines on how to deal with the project webpage, logs, screenshots etc etc.

5- ....



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