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Re: merge emacs-bidi into the main tree

> I would expect that it needs merging to be able to be installed
> into the current sources.  Is someone interested in doing that work?

Hi, the screenshots look great, but I personally haven't used that one (and
don't know if I can right now since I'm not at my usual place and only have
a win32 machine for the few coming weeks).
Our resources on Arabeyes in terms of developers are very scarce, and my own
time resources are scarce too. But since I use Emacs a lot, I am definitely
interested in this, so if someone tells me what work is involved and where
it should be started, I could consider it if it fits within my time frame.
The problem is the code base of Emacs is huge and I certainly don't have the
necessary time to get into a fine understanding of it or even of every
detail of its architecture, but if the steps for merging the existing
patches are simpler than that I can undertake the job...