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Re: Adding Farsi support to katoob

On Tue, 24 Sep 2002, Mohammed Sameer wrote:

> well, can you give me more info. or a URL plz ?
> i'll try to. and i'd really love to see all arabic script languages supported.

See, for example,


This is the most popular Persian text encoding. The information in that
file is not complete, but you should be able to sort out all the details
from that file, knowing that it's a completely visual character set
(there's no bidi, and the stream can be displayed on a non bidi-aware
terminal with just a font change).

> i think yes, i've covered all the characters 0x06** 
> but i'd like to have them and add them if necessary

Here is a list (I'm dropping characters that are in ASCII or ISO-8859-6):

Joining controls: U+200C, U+200D
Bidi controls: U+200E, U+200F, U+202A, U+202B, U+202C, U+202D, U+202E
Punctuations: U+00AB, U+00D7, U+00F7, U+00BB, U+066B, U+066C, U+066A, 
Digits: U+06F0..U+06F9
Letters: U+0671, U+067E, U+0686, U+0698, U+06A9, U+06AF, U+06CC
Marks: U+0654, U+0670

I hope that's all (you should also test things like U+FEFF of course).