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Re: A new project ??

Thankx for the answer,

So it seems to be about fribidi then ?

But i'm not so sure about what you want exactly

In fact I want my program to be capable to display arabic strings. As simple as that ;) For example you draw a function y=x and you want that the axis are named in arabic and to be capable to put some text over the plot, legends etc...

Thanks again


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First of all I would like to apologize for not keeping my promises... In july I said I would contribute to katoob and then after some troubles on my PC I went on vacation... It seems since then that katoob is flying ;) congratulations to M. Sameer and others who contributed in the project, keep the good work !

No problem,
Thanks too, but katoob is not really driven by me only
Thanks to all who helped even with a small idea, "i didn't say names not to forget anyone"

Since my program is "totally" written with xlib, here is my question: where do I start in order to make my program "speaks" arabic. I think it has something to do with pango, but what is pango and how it works ???

I think you don't need pango, Perhaps what you need is fribidi for conversion between
encoding and/or manipulating the bidi control codes
pango is mainly for rendering, which i suppose can be handled by Xlib ?
I think that Xlib can handle the display of UTF-8 text "Xutf8DrawString for example"

But i'm not so sure about what you want exactly

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