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Re: HWM: Desktop and Menu's

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My Inbox Happily Received This From Haydar Net @ Sat, 07 Sep 2002 15:08:32 -0400
> I like this message, what is your e-mail client ;)
sylpheed claws 0.82 No vulnerabilities i hope ;)

> >I think it'd be better to separate the desk top "~/hwm-desktop" for example
> >I think it shouldn't be hidden too
> >
> Gnome desktop is also hidden "~/.gnome-desktop" but i prefer that hwm 
> personal files be kept in one directory "~/.hwm" 
Guess what you are right!
it's ok to keep all the files in ~/.hwm
but what about the user that wants to access his desktop from the command line ?
Can you create a symlink from ~/.hwm-desktop to ~/.hwm/desktop ?
Or what does xfce do for example ?

> >don't know, but i think it's better to separate them too "look at xfce, windowmaker, enlightnement,..." 
> >they all separate them i think
> >but why use those of KDE and not GNOME ? ;)
> >
> >  
> >
> What i have already done "In my personal computer" is linking to 
> "/usr/share/applnk" with the name "KDE Menus" and "/etc/X11/applnk" with 
> the Name "Gnome Menus" because most of the RPM's installs the menu files 
> to these tow directories.
What about the "/usr/share/applications" ?
I installed the menu launcher for katoob there and it appears in gnome2 menu. I think it's a part of it.
and it contains most of the applications in MY menu "mandrake 8.2"
You can install in both or in one and make a symlink.

> Jens Askengren Wrote:
> The best might be: if ~/Desktop or ~/.gnome-desktop exists, popup a
> dialog informing the user that gnome/kde is detected, and offer to use
> the detected desktops settings.
That'd be better i think

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