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Re: HWM: Desktop and Menu's

lör 2002-09-07 klockan 14.34 skrev Mohammed Sameer:

> I think it'd be better to separate the desk top "~/hwm-desktop" for example
> I think it shouldn't be hidden too
> About the menus ?
> don't know, but i think it's better to separate them too "look at xfce, windowmaker, enlightnement,..." 
> they all separate them i think
> but why use those of KDE and not GNOME ? ;)

I would strongly recommend not to create another "standard" for menues
and desktop items.

To much time is spent fixing sloppy defaults and bad interoperation when
using unix systems. When installing a new program for example, I have 
to manually add it to the menues of every desktop system I use...

Take a look at 


it's a project trying to create standards for X desktops.

On desktop locations:

	- Uses a product name rather than a desriptive name
	+ Visible in home folder

	- Uses a product name rather than a desriptive name.
	- Not visible in home folder
	+ Locallizable: you can put a link in your home folder
	  with a localized name.
	+ Good name
	+ Visible in home folder
	- Not localizable.

The best might be: if ~/Desktop or ~/.gnome-desktop exists, popup a
dialog informing the user that gnome/kde is detected, and offer to use
the detected desktops settings.