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pasting Katoob text

I've tried to copy/paste an arabic text from the
latest Katoob to konqueror but I got some code not the
actual text.

The text in Katoob (in arabic): Assalamu 3laikum
The text in konqueror:

I can copy/paste from Katoob to galeon. I know that's
a gtk+ issue, but isn't there any function in gtk+
that enables copy/past from gtk+ application to QT/KDE?

       Sayed Jaffer Al-Mosawi
   Project:     Arabeyes Project (TM).
   Goal:        Bringing Unix to arabic world.
   Homepage:    http://www.arabeyes.org
   IRC Channel: #arabeyes / Server: irc.openprojects.net
   Browsing - Galeon = No_Browsing

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