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Re: pasting Katoob text

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My Inbox Happily Received This From Sayed Jaffer Al-Mosawi @ Thu, 5 Sep 2002 14:00:00 -0700 (PDT)

> The text in Katoob (in arabic): Assalamu 3laikum
> The text in konqueror:
> \x{0627}\x{0644}\x{0633}\x{0644}\x{0627}\x{0645}
> \x{0639}\x{0644}\x{064A}\x{0643}\x{0645}

Those numbers looked familiar to me so i opened the Unicode Arabic chart to find that:
the unicode for alef is 0x0627 "compare with \x{o627}, lam is 0x0644 "compare with \x{0644}"
it seems that Gtk2 applications "not from the katoob side, since it request from gtk to copy the text to the clipboard"
are copying text as UCS-4 encoded
but i didn't find any info about the X clipboard specifications, so i can tell is it a problem with gtk or Qt or both!!
i'll still search for that...

> I can copy/paste from Katoob to galeon. I know that's
> a gtk+ issue, but isn't there any function in gtk+
> that enables copy/past from gtk+ application to QT/KDE?
I tried copying from galeon to licq "Qt app" but all what i got was a bunch of "??????" perhaps it's a font issue
but i don't have any KDE app available, so the only one i found was LICQ

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