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Re: LyX - Arabic Patch

Le Lundi 18 Novembre 2002 22:34, Isam Bayazidi a écrit :
> Thanks Nadim.. I will look upon it when I have more time .. I do not think
> it will be soon .. so if any available excited developer is waiting for a
> chance .. here it comes
> > Another thing to also test out and think about regarding LyX is
> > whether the various 'Tanween' characters will work properly :-)
> > These two topics are rather related.
> mm .. Thank you for reminding me of the harakat .. indeed there is some
> probelms with them .. The Shadda ,Tanween Fareh,Tanween Kaser, and Tanween
> Dam is not working as well .. while Fatha, Kasra, Damma, and Sokoon are
> working .. strange .. it seems that the non-working are forgoten when done
> the shaping algorithem ..
 Salam Isam,

  This is my experience with LyX:

  When I am using ISO10646-1 (with Tahoma fonts) In LyX Version 1.2.1, the 
Shadda and Tanween Kasr work but not Tanween Fath and Tanween Dam and the 
shaping is not good.


 When I am using ISO8859-6.8x (with Naskhi fonts) In the same version of LyX: 
All of the harakats work well and the shaping is good except the Mad 




> ( http://www.unicode.org/glossary/ Look at Harakat definition, it seems
> that Unicode got it all :-)  )
> Thanks Nadim .. and I am waiting for someone to jump in
> Yours
> Isam Bayazidi
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