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Re: LyX - Arabic Patch

On Monday 18 November 2002 21:11, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> Isam, I know nothing about LyX (its usage or code :-), but you
> might want to look into whether LyX supports Korean (Hangul).
> Hangul requires the notion of "composing" characters similar to
> what the LAM_ALEF requires and so you can play some tricks along
> those lines in possibly using pre-existing LyX code.  I'm not sure
> if the same thing is also evident/required in Chinese (something
> to investigate).  In short, look over the Lyx code and search for
> 'compose' or 'composing' characters (and see if there is support
> for Hangul and/or Chinese, etc).  Various asian languages require
> the ability to compose - its then a question of whether LyX supports
> those languages or not.

Thanks Nadim.. I will look upon it when I have more time .. I do not think it 
will be soon .. so if any available excited developer is waiting for a chance 
.. here it comes

> Another thing to also test out and think about regarding LyX is
> whether the various 'Tanween' characters will work properly :-)
> These two topics are rather related.

mm .. Thank you for reminding me of the harakat .. indeed there is some 
probelms with them .. The Shadda ,Tanween Fareh,Tanween Kaser, and Tanween 
Dam is not working as well .. while Fatha, Kasra, Damma, and Sokoon are 
working .. strange .. it seems that the non-working are forgoten when done 
the shaping algorithem .. 

( http://www.unicode.org/glossary/ Look at Harakat definition, it seems that 
Unicode got it all :-)  )

Thanks Nadim .. and I am waiting for someone to jump in

Isam Bayazidi