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[PuTTY] : status

I got a couple of interesting screen shots. 


This one shows a right to left PuTTY terminal session. This illustrates
the difficulty of reading in reverse ;)


It shows a right to left PuTTY terminal session with VIM.

The right to left display was accomplished by simlpy reversing the input
data before displaying. The letter shaping is courtesy of Windows. Still
experimenting. _Some_ of the issues that remain to be addressed:

- Character under cursor is taken out of word context which causes wrong
letter shape to be displayed.

- The LAM-ALEF sequence of characters is mapped into a single glyph. The
assumption of a 1-1 mapping between input data and visual layout is not
always correct. I wonder how VIM handles that ?

- The command to switch between screen directions (visual layouts) should
be communicated to PuTTY by one of the following alternatives :

1. UI check box

2. Terminal command . Need to find that in the bidi terminal spec posted
earlier on this list. In that case, the idea is for the user to echo what
ever sequence and PuTTY would pick it up, interpret, and apply it. The
same concept of "echo <terminal command>" can be used before a cat <arabic
file> in order to instruct PuTTY to do its magic on the input. 

Comments any one ?


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