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Re: Arabic & emacs

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002 20:13:01 +0900 (JST),
  "TAKAHASHI Naoto" <ntakahas m17n org> wrote:
> Nadim Shaikli writes:
> >  2. Is there a URL/page on this subject anywhere with which
> >     we can track progress (I feel horrid with regards of
> >     constantly bothering ya ;-)
> We have just got the permission.  Give me one more week to make a web
> page for downloading.  Thank you for your patience.

Great - this is wonderful news.  Its really funny, I had just
completed preliminary leim/quail hacks to make Arabic work under
mlterm (with some quirks), I'll happily abandon that work and
await a URL to download a patch/code...

I'm guessing the folks involved with gnu-emacs and xemacs have
been informed of this great news ?  It would be ideal to finally
see the upcoming (x)emacs releases include this code/support.

Give our heartfelt gratitudes to the organization heads for finally
allowing the release.


 - Nadim

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