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Re: [emacs-bidi] Emacs for Arabic

Nadim Shaikli writes:

> 1. I'm attaching a very simple patch against what's currently hanging
>    of the FTP site that makes some minor modifications and corrects
>    a couple of encodings - do please apply it.

Thank you very much for your patch.
I accept the three modifications of the key mapping
(backquote -> THAL, J -> TATWEEL, semicolon -> KAF).
Those were my mistakes.  Sorry.

I also second changing the title string from "AW" to DAD.

However, what is the point of changing the package name from
"arabic-arabwin" to "arabic" ?  A leim package usually has a
hyphen-connected name consisting of the language name and the method
name, especially when multiple packages are provided for one

Tzafrir Cohen writes:

> Generally, it would be best to reorder paragraphs rather than lines.

Unfortunately, the current display engine cannot assign different
screen orientations (i.e. from which side of the screen lines are
drawn) to different paragraphs.  The whole window ("window" in the
Emacs terminology) share the same orientation.

ntakahas at m17n dot org