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Re: Arabic Fonts..

If you are just starting with Linux, it's probably 
still time to go back and run a different distribution.
Try Suse or Mandrake.
I am using Redhat, and it does not support Arabic.
For example, there is no locale for arabic in RH 7.3
or any other version I tried before.
The same goes fro RH RPMS for KDE etc.

I always have to manually download locale files or
i18n files, generally from Suse, and install them so they can
with RH.

Anyway, just a thought


--- Basil <Basil_magdy at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a new member to this list,I installed Linux Redhat 7.3
> , Actually I'm trying to write in Arabic characters , I
> installed Arabic fonts like "Naskhi" and I can view the
> characters by "xfd -fn"  command.
> I still not able to write in Arabic characters , for
> example when I write xterm -fn "any Arabic font" , it
> writes "???? ???? ????????" and cannot c the Arabic
> glyphs..
> I think it is problem of key map, I 'm trying to install
> one using xkbcomp command and it gives me "cannot find
> symbol......."
> -Other Question ,I'm trying to know font properties like
> name character widths, I tried fslsfonts -fn  ,but it
> always result in "no font server found "!!!!!
> so , Any help ??
> Thanks in Advance
> Best regards, 
> Basil magdy

Karim Elaagouby

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