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mined-2000.5 released

Salam all.  I'm forwarding this on behalf of Thomas Wolff to let you
know of mined's recent release.


In order to use mined with Arabic, you should -

 + Invoke/use mined within mlterm (mined doesn't Bidi/shape)

 + Start mined as follows,

     $ mined -UpoX filename.utf8

   (check mined's man page for what the options mean/do)

 + Be aware that combining characters (LAM+ALEF) as well as harakat
   (eg, U+FE7D) aren't accounted for properly when you enter Arabic
   within mined.  They are, though, displayed properly upon startup.

 + To switch to an Arabic keymap (ie. to write in Arabic), do Alt-K
   (that's capital-K, ie. Alt-shift-k) and select "Arabic" from the

Let's hope the combining characters/harakat get fixed soon (anyone
interested into solving this or pointing things out - its a question
of proper line/column count accounting) ?

Thanks Thomas & Enjoy.

 - Nadim

--- mined towo net wrote:
>                              ANNOUNCEMENT
>                          mined 2000 release 5
> Mined was the first text editor to support Unicode in text mode terminals.
> New features in this release:
> *	Keyboard Mapping for international scripts
> *	Script Highlighting for Unicode script ranges
> *	Bidirectional terminal support
> Mined offers
> 	Good interactive features
> 	* an intuitive user interface
> 	* command control and pull-down menus available
> 	* control and function key or mouse control
> 	Many useful text editing features
> 	* extensive Unicode support, including double-width and 
> 	  combining characters, keyboard mapping and script highlighting
> 	* many text editing capabilities, e.g. paragraph wrapping, 
> 	  smart quotes, 
> 	  multi-line support in search and replacement patterns
> 	* program editing features, HTML support and syntax highlighting, 
> 	  identifier search
> 	* systematic text and file handling safety, avoiding loss of data
> 	"Small-footprint" operation and portability
> 	* plain text mode (terminal) operation
> 	* instant start-up
> 	* cross-platform operation (Unix, DOS/Windows)
> More information (with screenshots and change log) and download
> are available from the mined web page at
> 	http://towo.net/mined/

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