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Re: xiterm-0.4 & arabic

 Hello , Mohammed.  Sorry for slow reply.
I was hooked up with other things.

At Mon, 2 Dec 2002 11:05:41 -0600,
Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:

>>>>> I tried to compile iterm, xiterm or whatever it's called now. It failed on
>>>>> the Xaw/lib part (the second thing to compile).
>>>>  You need install libiterm first.  Or you have to specify the --includedir.
>>> That doesn't help, it is simply ignored. I added it to the Makefile.am (though I'm pretty
>>> sure that's not where it should go) -- but it did it for me:
>>  oohh, I see.  I am not automake/autoconf expoert either,
>> so if it wokrs, it'll be fine, I think ;-).  Thanks.

 Finally, I fixed these bugs.  You can now specify --includedir 
and --libdir properly.

> Not quiet. The diff I pasted was just to show you what I was doing, but those
> changes are spread across all Makefile.am's. In other words, that alone does
> not make everything else compile and install properly. 
> I guess what I am saying here is generally, compiling xiterm is not
> straight-forward. In the next couple of weeks (if no one else does it already)
 I do not yet start these matters: needed to compile 4 times to 
build xiterm.  Basically, I don't feel the situation is very bad ;-(.
Sorry for inconvenience.

> P.S. Could you please Cc' the 'developer' list on arabeyes.org:
>      'developer at arabeyes dot org'. I know others on that list are also very
>      interested in xiterm (by doing so you don't have to explicitly Cc
>      me).

 I thought I needed to register myself to the list, didn't I?
Anyway, I CCed this mail to the list, hope it works..

Jiro SEKIBA | AP Linux Technology Center, Yamato Software Lab., IBM Japan
            | email: jir at yamato dot ibm dot com, jir at li18nux dot org