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Re: BIDI tags Unicode values

Sorry for my late reply, I was fixing some "Random segfaults in katoob"
I just want to clear some points ;)
The bidi stuff
i don't think making each paragraps have a different direction is a
usefull idea "except after implementing the basic HTML editor"
but the whole document can have a logical direction, and the actual
direction "the actual sequence of characters"
"don't know if i'm right for the expressions"
and the user can select between them, I think in that case there'll be
no need for inserting BIDI characters between each word amd the other.

saving text. we have now UTF-8 "with all the BIDI tags the user might
add", plain UTF-8 text "stripping all BIDI tags, sorry to say it's
broken now and i'll fix it as soon as i get up" that makes gettext
happy, and VIM too ;)
to me it doesn't make sence not to save them  because vim will display
them, the BIDI tags are unicode standard and are present already there
in the menu of a gtktextbuffer, and that's why there is the "plain text
option" while saving
I don't know if i had cleared my point of view or those are some misterious words "that what i expect :-)"

i think that the bidi tags should be kept hidden, why would you like to
see them ?
README ? next version ?? how about a manual ;)
i didn't have a look @ the UAX#9 yet, but i'll
Cheers all,

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