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Re: BIDI tags Unicode values

On Fri, Aug 30, 2002 at 08:31:53PM +0300, Alaa The Great wrote:
> I'm not sure if everyone here is keeping up with the development of
> katoob, right now Mohamed is working on two very important and
> innovative features

I know I'm watching ;)

> [...]
> want ba2 etc.
> no imagine this scenario with me, you are somewhere abroad and you
> want to send an Arabic email, easy just fins yourself a GNU/Linux
> computer download katoob and you are writing Arabic, no matter what
> the keyboard is and the current configuration for X is.

That is the case with VIM [w/ Arabic patch] and Yudit, AFAIK.
> 2 export to HTML numerical character reference

I am not sure how useful this feature is (though I don't see any
harm in adding it). It just seems to me that this would cause
the person to have to use Katoob to edit the file in order
to be able to read (in a human-readable manner) the numerical
values.. correct me if I'm wrong.

> BIDI support (where each line can have its own direction and BIDI
> control characters are stored with the text).

Oh no! I implore you not to go that route. This is how Yudit does
bidi support, which is the most primitive type of support possible.
This is discouraged by the Unicode folks.. and by Arabeyes I might
add ;)

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