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Re: Fribidi and joining

On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, hasanen wrote:

>  we should create our own GUI , QT is great but it has a problem in the
> backword compatiblity.
> that's mean you program life is too short , and it will die fast.
> i know you can recompile it. but if we want to make something commercial
> then don't expect that
> all end users can recompile and fix all the dumps.

Well, QT is *quite* binary compatible among major releases, means 
all QT 2.x are binary compatible, all QT 3.x are binary 
compatible....  They have considered that deeply in their design.  
QT (KDE) people are very good in design.  Have a look yourself:


> creating a new Arabic GUI library  is the only genuine solution. you have to
> create a GUI lib that
> depend only on X , not something else.
> if we want to attract developers , then we should give it a full backward
> compatibilty ,so the programs
> will live too long just like windows.
> the migration from windows to linux start from there.

Asking people to use JustForArabic editor to edit arabic files is 
the worst thing you can do to make people migrate from linux to 
windows.  *Every* editor should support *every* language, Unicode 
means this.

> Hasanen.

Behdad Esfahbod		2 Shahrivar 1381, 2002 Aug 24 
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