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Re: Fribidi and joining

Hi all,

To be honest, the problem is that fribidi's pride is that it's
"light, simple & still conformant".  So nor me, niether anyone
else is going to sacrifice these to get arabic shaping in.

So until arabic joining/shaping (whatever you call prefer) gets
standard, fribidi's CVS will not let any arabic specific code in.

The solution, as I can see is to have a real simple,
piece-of-code/library implementing the arabic part, and ask
people to use it (I've got the link to import it in AbiWord, for
example).  The code itself, Roozbeh and I have one implementation
which I sent to Moe a few days ago.  It needs some cleanup and
interface design before going into Arabeyes/FarsiWeb CVSs.

Behdad Esfahbod		2 Shahrivar 1381, 2002 Aug 24 
http://behdad.org/	[Finger for Geek Code]

#define is_persian_leap(y) ((((y)-474)%2820+2820)%2820*31%128<31)