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Re: Akka

Dear Phactorial,  
what do you think how long it will take you to implement the on-thy-fly  
decompression. I want to know since i have to decide whether to put akka as  
last shot to the distro or have to make more work.  
In all cases i will try it out soon. But i think the decompression routines  
helps akka to be more standard complain, at least it doesn't break kbd  
directory style for one app. ;-)  
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Zitat von Phactorial - <phact0rial at hotmail dot com>:  
> Akka is the perfect choice when it comes to bidi/arabic support in the Linux  
> (and soon BSD) console. ElZubeir's configuration files are very specific to  
> his system (which has console tools installed). I am working on the Akka    
> console configuration frontend which should make the process automatic and    
> the manual process easier.  
> Akka does not depend on console tools at all, it just uses the keymaps it    
> provides (which can also be found for kbd). Most modern Linux systems to    
> have kbd installed, all you have to do is find the directory in which the    
> keymaps are installed and change the configuration file so that the    
> configuration mirrors your system's kbd configuration. I must warn you that  
> kbd compresses the keymaps. So you will have to decompress the ones you use  
> and put them somewhere else. I'll add in some routines after the    
> configuration frontend is finished to decompress on the fly when needed    
> depending on the underlying kb system.  
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