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Re: akka

Akka is the perfect choice when it comes to bidi/arabic support in the Linux (and soon BSD) console. ElZubeir's configuration files are very specific to his system (which has console tools installed). I am working on the Akka console configuration frontend which should make the process automatic and the manual process easier.

Akka does not depend on console tools at all, it just uses the keymaps it provides (which can also be found for kbd). Most modern Linux systems to have kbd installed, all you have to do is find the directory in which the keymaps are installed and change the configuration file so that the configuration mirrors your system's kbd configuration. I must warn you that kbd compresses the keymaps. So you will have to decompress the ones you use and put them somewhere else. I'll add in some routines after the configuration frontend is finished to decompress on the fly when needed depending on the underlying kb system.


my name is Christian and i just work on a Distribution. Our target is to
provide a slink distro (in fact different distros), each for one special
purpose. We want to support non latin languages as well, primary Russion,
Hebrew and of course Arabic.

I found arabeyes.org some time ago and already enjoyed chatting on #arabeyes.
I had a look on the projects and came to Akka. Here is what i want to do with
it. Would be nice if you could discuss with me. ;-)

As the distro should be really easy to install we decided to use a local perl
webserver and as frontend a stripped mozilla webbrowser in kiosk mode. So far,
so good. It is just fine since mozilla supports arabic and we can provide an
arabic installation procedure.

But what about low end boxes (less then 64MB RAM). They need an alternative
way to install. Since we don't have the time to invent the wheel two times, i
would like to use lynx and only define different output templates to the
installer. No problem for latin languages. But what about arabic. So i came to

My questions. Is it possible to run lynx or even links (nice lynx replacement)
with arabic support on the shell with akka? I guess so since i read somewhere
that there it supports applications without change.

My second question. In the install instructions you tell to put the keymap,
etc. data to /etc/console-tools. Does that mean i have to use console tools
with it? I not yet thought about console-tools since i wasn't able to find a
recent version on the net. I use kbd for now. Are these lines only examples or
does akka really depend on console tools?

Ok. That's all for now.

Best regards,
Christian Kalkhoff
Systemhaus Kalkhoff - Whatever you want, you get IT
Postfach 1444
06654 Weissenfels
fon: +49 (34 43) 82 06 56
fax: +49 (34 43) 82 06 76
net: http://www.kalkhoff.net

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