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Local copies of Press

--- Youcef Rabah Rahal wrote:
> On Friday 06 February 2004 07:57, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> > Cool, make sure to add them to the "In the Press" section
> > (and copy 'em locally :-)
> I added 3 new articles:
> a/ 28 Oct 2003
> b/ 31 Aug 2003
> c/ 08 Jul 2003

Great !!

> All from ACN. I did not add the newsforge articles yet (if anyone
> want to do it, please be my guest :-). Please, someone, go through
> the comments I did in a haste and see if they are adequate... So,
> now everything is saved in PDFs (or JPGs or PNGs) locally, except:
> > > The articles I could not find are:
> > > 1/ "Al Jazeera" one.
> Still searching...

Was this found ?

> > > 2/ "Click.ae" one
> I found a .txt file in some old directory... For now, the link is pointing
> there. But it would be better to have some nicer layout.

Was anthing better found ?  There was a video on their site, is it still
there - I can now capture it locally.

> PS: Where's that german article found by Arafat ?

Here's the german article (a search revealed it on our archives).  You
can always ask 'Arafat.Medini' for a better copy (the one noted is a bit
too grainy).


Hope that helps - now we are down to just the newsforge articles ?


 - Nadim

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