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Re: comments

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On Wednesday 11 February 2004 23:03, Youcef Rabah Rahal wrote:

> We have a long list of todos, let's try to do it step by step and give as
> much as we can :-)

I would like to give here an idea of _my_ plans for next coming months (I 
can't give a timeline), ordered by priority:

1/ Make a (very?) good release of Bayani. I believe it's rather different from 
the rest of all the projects we have and that it can make us some good 
publicity. It has also been stalled for enough time now ;)
There have been at least 4 ppl since last year who contacted me and showed 
interest for the project. They disappeared as soon as I gave them some todos 
;) Go figure. I guess I'll be working on it alone for some time.

2/ QAC. I believe it's very important for us to have that standardization 
going. So I'll try to give it a good amount of the time I have.

3/ Mandrake localization. I think that mandrake can contribute very much in 
converting the ordinary Arabic computer user to Linux. Having it localized is 
thus very important. I'll try to recruit some translators and make a good 
translation. I'll try to experiment the test I suggested to Ahmad Zawawi 
(since I did not hear from him for a long time: ie propose to newbies to work 
on translation from the start and assign them a .po file)
I believe we should also investate in other distributions: 
fedora/suse/xxx/yyy/ ?

4/ Contact Trolltech and submit many bugs related to Arabic.

5/ Website stuff. I am very satisfied with the website as it is now. I think 
the most important thing is to have the Arabic interface. As soon as gettext 
start working, we'll recruit translators (many have showed interest) or do 
that ourself. After that, some backend work should be done on the code to 
make it maintainable (it is not for the time being). There will also be some 
enhancements here and there. But I strongly believe that we should not bother 
with the website for now.

6/ Do the occasional short term todos, as usual.


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Youcef R. Rahal
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