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Re: Replies to registrations

--- Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj <aalarfaj at gmail dot com> wrote:
> I apologize. Was trying to take the initiative. We have a special
> template? What else haven't you gents told me? :-)

No need to apologize at all.  There are lots of things in the localcvs
repository - you might want to check it out and/or get onto sina and
peruse the /home/arabeyes/localcvs dir

> If it frees you up to take on other issues, then yes I am interested
> in taking on this job. Grunt work is my kind of work.

Not really - it won't free me up and its not much of a burden so we
can live with it as is (I'd rather you do something more useful :-)
> I'm still a little confused about who does what in core, so until I
> figure that out I guess you will all have to bear with me.

Noted.  We need meetings to strategize on how to proceed, etc.  Hopefully
once we get going on our weekly meetings we'll most definitely get you all
caught-up (so remember "if its wed, its meeting time" until further notice).

BTW: thanks a million for taking the initiative (that is always appreciated),
     and I most certainly don't want to distinguish that fire.

In passing, the wiki problem seems like a serious issue, no ?  Which leads
me to an old topic we had a long time ago and that is LDAP.  It would be
ideal to only give access to arabeyes registered people and thus their
password would be in our databases, but to get it all working and such is
a fulltime job at a min (again, we'll need to talk to see how to proceed
or maybe talk about this on 'admin'), but we do need a quickie solution to
the recent Wiki mishaps.


 - Nadim

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