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Re: Replies to registrations


I apologize. Was trying to take the initiative. We have a special
template? What else haven't you gents told me? :-)

If it frees you up to take on other issues, then yes I am interested
in taking on this job. Grunt work is my kind of work.

I'm still a little confused about who does what in core, so until I
figure that out I guess you will all have to bear with me.


On Sun, 12 Dec 2004 12:17:50 -0800 (PST), Nadim Shaikli
<shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> Abdulaziz, please refrain from replying to newly registered people.  We have
> a special template which we email and that task has fallen on my shoulders
> for the longest period (which I'm OK with).  If you are very interested in
> taking on this job (and there are many other more pressing issues), let me
> know meanwhile do please leave it be and I'll take care of those things.
> Salam.
>  - Nadim