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Re: Registration progress


From: Nadim Shaikli
Subject: Re: Registration progress
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 08:46:15 -0700 (PDT)

Sure, automating is fine - but we have a serious issue about these guys
simply registering and then disappearing.  Follow-ups are needed (in my
opinion) and we really need to think of how to keep and engage these

Yes. This problem is serious. I try to think about it daily when I have a little amount of time... Without any real solution for the time being however...

> We should however make template replies depending on the registration type
> (wether we choose the automatic way or not). I will try to make some
> templates based on the already sent replies and on Nadim's suggestions.
> Then, I will send them to you if you want to review them.

Sure - we can all review them given they are on localcvs :-)

Thank you Nadim for your modifications. I started using these templates today. I will be the one who replies, unless there is some exception ;-)

Mohamed, Isam, you still can modify those templates if you feel that there's something that should be changed.


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