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Re: our logo

--- Youcef Rabah Rahal <yrrahal42 hotmail.com> wrote:
> I personally have nothing against the actual logo. Aboveall that it has been 
> done by a "recognised" artist (he sells many books here in France ;)). This 
> is a good publicity to Arabeyes. But I don't know the history of that logo 
> well.

Arabeyes' current logo is nice, but I would prefer if it were more square'ish
or round'ish or eye-drop'ish -- look at diwan's logo (or aljazeera's) for
instance to see what's I'm saying.  Our current logo's shape is simply to

So, I'm thinking maybe we can ask the author (or this new artists) to take what
is there and simply make it more eye-drop'ish in shape (content is fine).
The logo's author didn't speak english and my french is non-existent, but
with Youcef here maybe we can re-make contact (Youcef, all the logo emails
are on 'arch' - hunt for 'em).  Opinions ?

PS: again, please don't use 'arch' for discussion posts.


 - Nadim

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