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Re: Kuwait Linux proposal

in short here is what I will reply with to him:
- Thanks, we would be glad and happy
- tell your translators to go the the register form in the Arabeyes page to 
apply for account .. let them indicate that tehy are from Kuwait Linux in the 
About secion
- following granthing account, they are advised to review the FAQ, CVS HOWTO 
incase they are not familiar with CVS
- They are urged to use Linux, and Linux translation tools such as 
Gtranslator, Kbabel, and so
- They should be in the doc mailing list, where most translators interaction 
occure, you will find this list, and the list archive helpful in the 
translation proccess
- the Arabeyes CVS will be the only accepted workspace for the translation 
project, all commits should go there, and KDE CVS will be updated from 
Arabeyes CVS.
- Kuwait Linux name will appear in the Arabeyes KDE Section, and a News peice 
will appear in Arabeyes, and in Linux4arab.com about the cooperation.
- your translators are free to add your cooperation name in the "Translators 
Name" String in the PO files.. talking here about ONLY the PO files that you 
work on .. 
- About KDE .. they do not have a page for mentioning Translators names .. so 
it will not be possible .. the only name there is the coordinator name, which 
is Arabeyes ( Isam Bayazidi, Mohammed Elzubeir) and they are the ones that 
work in the KDE CVS conserning the Arabic translation. No other name can be 
added as this maybe misleading.
- Kuwait Linux will be recognized by Arabeyes, be added to the Related Links 
section, and work with toword serving common goals..

Anything to add ? anything missing? anything mistaken ?