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Re: Kuwait Linux proposal

--- Isam Bayazidi <bayazidi arabeyes org> wrote:
> - Kuwait Linux will be recognized by Arabeyes, be added to the
> Related Links section, and work with toword serving common goals..
> Anything to add ? anything missing? anything mistaken ?

A note of caution - we should not list companies in that list and
should not even allow posts like the recent one to 'general' about
people noting their new companies, etc (we should warn those people
in public and cut them completely off if subsequent similar posts
continue).  In short, and I'm not talking about this Kuwaiti entity
specifically, unless the site offers free and open source code, links,
help forums, etc (they are a source of info and actually help people
for free and are not a money drain) we should not list them.  We are
after open source and are in the business of being an advertising

As for this particular topic, Isam I'm fine with your eloquent
outline (like the format as well - I love lists :-)


 - Nadim

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