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Re: Task Assignments

On Monday 21 October 2002 16:42, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:
> I went through the last umpteen applicants applications and sent out
> the 'welcome' email (LOCALCVS/templates/welcome), after assigning
> usernames.
I suggest adding a link to the FAQ page in the Welcome message .. there is a 
section in the FAq about New Members .. that would help them through

> I would strongly recommend you manually look into the mysql db, as
> there is no web interface for this as of yet. I will eventually add
> such an interface plus a notification email to indicate someone
> has just registered.

what database ? arabeyes ? what table ? user ?

> This time I did not send out the messages from arabeyes.org since
> I suspect one of the problems is that people with restrictive
> mail services (e.g. hotmail.com) consider mail from us as spam
> and so directly goes to Trash.

what domain are you using now ? shafra ? I am not sure about how much does 
that spam protection in Hotmail, Yahoo effect communication, but I would 
prefere the Arabeyes communication be with Arabeyes domain name..

> If you would please have a look at the applications and start
> a process by which we can assign tasks based on qualifications,
> etc. Perhaps an irc meeting where can sort out a standard procedure
> to follow in the future? Anyone?

can you please tell us where applications are ? in the contact list archive ? 
I feel a little lost here :-)

Isam Bayazidi

PS. I sent some emails Bccing the arch .. I do not know why I did not get them 
in the arch ..