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[haydar@haydar.net: Re: Arabic distro]

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Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 03:05:17 +0100
From: Haydar <haydar at haydar dot net>
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To: Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com>
CC: Chahine Hamila <mch at chaham dot com>, Isam Bayazidi <bayazidi at accessme dot com>,
   Mohammed Elzubeir <elzubeir at fakkir dot net>, halkaduhimi at chello dot nl
Subject: Re: Arabic distro

I had discussed some of these issues before with my team members and 
partners, and here is the first reaction for every point in your e-mail 

Nadim Shaikli wrote:

>Haydar, sorry for the late reply (since this is a new area for us and is
>very important and will have future connotations, we are having lots of
>internal discussion regarding this - by no means does it take us a long
>time to make decisions though :-)
>As noted after some internal discussion we have the following to note
>(no major issues/surprises, just making sure everything is obvious).
> 1. Please read the revised/attached "views" file
I have.

> 2. A couple of REALLY obvious things (simply to make sure they were stated)
>    a. All your and our code will be used by others (free/open) - there is
>       NO exclusivity by either party
The installer "BURAQ" will not "and it is not possible to" be open 
source until version 2 of Haydar Linux but it will always be free, this 
is one of my partners conditions.

>    b. Arabeyes' aims and goals are non-commercial and as such we (as well
>       as you) have the right to partner with whomever we wish to further
>       our cause without the need to get permission
Haydar Linux is a project of "Haydar Net", and Haydar Net have the right 
to partner/invested with anyone we want.
This also means that you will have all rights in anything you create to 
partner/invested with anybody you want. and this include projects of 
other parties, because these parties will have all there copyright to them.

> 3. The way we envision the directory structure on CVS is as follows
>      projects/distro/haydarlinux/
>    All files/packages that are specific to the distribution will reside
>    under that dir except in the few cases where projects (like xterm)
>    could be used outside of the distro and could be viewed as their own
>    projects - in those cases the "self-standing" project will be in
>      projects/NAME     (ie. it will be outside of distro/haydar path)
>    Similar to Akka/QaMoose, etc
This is OK.

> 4. The "HaydarLinux" project will have its own page on arabeyes, akin to
>      http://www.arabeyes.org/projects/haydarlinux.php
>    which will abide and have the same format as all the other projects
>    on Arabeyes.  This is important to maintain consistency on all the
>    project pages hosted by Arabeyes.
As i mention before, Haydar Linux is a Haydar Net project and it has 
it's own page, you can link to it and/or mention that you are helping 
Haydar Net in it's project but not making it your own project and i 
don't think you mean to take somebody's work and have it in your name.

> 5. The project list that you mailed was very extensive and is somewhat
>    long-termed at best.  At this current time we have interest in the
>    following sub-projects you listed,
>    a. Xterm
>       i. Mail Program	(pine/mutt)
>    b. WindowManager	(mainstream (windowmaker/E/fvwm/- not homegrown))
>    c. Emacs		(note that a Japanese guy might fill this)
>    d. OpenOffice
>    e. hijri
I did not say that you should do all of it, i have said that you can 
help, and what you have chosen is very good.

> 6. The other projects listed seemed to fall under the "translation"
>    umbrella (ie. translate the interface, etc).  All "translation"
>    projects are very VERY low priority to us, and on those projects
>    WE (Arabeyes) will set the priorities on.
>    In other words, only we will post to 'doc' noting what is priority
>    for the translators will tackle next (this by no means, excludes you
>    or others from soliciting help on the list and else-where, but you
>    may not set Arabeyes' priorities and dictate what those volunteers
>    will translate next).  The reason behind this seemingly militant
>    rule is simply - we are trying to help the GENERAL Arab linux/unix
>    community in large and so having limited focus does NOT serve that
>    purpose.  For instance KDE/Gnome is certainly more important
>    compared to "login/setup-configuration" setting on HaydarLinux
>    and as such we'd like to maintain that clear distinction.
You have all the right in this.

>If you have any issues with this, please let us know.
>BTW: Please note 2 new addition on Arabeyes
>     a. PayPal is up and running
>     b. ACN recently did a brief review of Arabeyes,
>        article is noted on the www.arabeyes.org's front page
> - Nadim
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This is all what i wanted to say for my first review to your document,

Haydar Alkaduhimi
03:05 AM GMT+1

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