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ACE selection and voting

Salam ..
	Moe and me was previously talking about the ACE, how to select one, and who 
can vote, and so on ..
	The first thing we had in mind was to make the LUGs, nominate one, and make 
a voting system for them to select one .. it seems that with the almost 
cold-to-dead responce from LUGs until now that they are not as active, and 
committed at all time .. so here comes 2 suggestions stating the pros and 
cons that I thought of:
	1- Create a poll in the Linux4arab and have the visitors ( which are not 
	  few) vote for the contributor, and then after giving the poll some time
	  (10 days for instance) the one with higher votes get it..
		- it is very transperant
		- when using the poll in linux4arab we take the voting issue off our back
		- People in the backstage (not noticed) will not be acknowledged
		- rating the people with votes is not something that would help advocation

	2- ask in l4a, Arabeyes, and responsive LUGs for nominees, and have it sent 
	  to 'nominate at arabeyes dot org' .. where the decision is done internally
	  ( in core). Everyone seems to trust Arabeyes, and this whole issue is not
	  that sensitive in nature. So it could be done behind the doors
		- we will make sure that the right ACE gets acknowledged
		- Arabeyes would be more in the picture ( spot light)
		- more to put on the back of 'core'

I am for Choice #2 .. if there is any other ways to do it, be our guest :-)

Isam Bayazidi
Amman - Jordan
 Think Linux + Think Arabic = Think www.arabeyes.org