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xfree86 plea

Mohammed/Chahine, I don't mean to keep banging my head against the wall
here, but I really really want to impress upon you both the importance
of having arabic native support in Xfree86 "out-of-the-box".  I know that
pango/QT offer what we need, but still that is 'not good enough', I know,
I know.  Bare with me - I realize it is foolish NOT to run under those
session management systems, but for those of us that are into a certain
application (like vim or emacs or pine) should be able to reinvent the
wheel if we so desire (so please don't forget us and try to cater to us).
Arabeyes should bring Arabic to the masses not through pango/QT, but
through the availability of linux/unix (& xfree86) in large.

I don't expect to sway you guys from your opinions, and I realize that
we are dealing with giants here (xfree86), but with some help (roozbeh
noted that she CAN help and is WILLING to do so) I think we can make
our voice heard.  Keep in mind that this decision will affect all Arabs
(our decisions should not be taken lightly) and we should give all Arabs
all the options they might want (its not upto us to limit who does what
and why) - we are to bring linux/unix to ALL arabs.

If this amounts to simply having a 10x20ar file - so be it, but that should
be installed whenever anyone installs Xfree86 (why are we always left out
to ride someone else's coat-tails).

Don't get me wrong, I'm simply stating that we must pursue this (inclusion
of Arabic into fonts at all costs) and not settle for library solutions
which might not encompass everyone.  I want to see "Salam Alykoom" when I
login into Solaris for instance (heb is there), why are we left out of
that ??  Same reasoning in my mind.  I would be willing to code whatever
is necessary to make this a reality - so I implore you on making a quick
stance and making the incomplete decision.

As I've said to Mohammed :-) keep this statement in mind,
"we went to the moon not because it was easy, but because it was HARD"

We are in no position to compromise, not now; that's what they expect.

PS. please no flames, simply being emotional that all.

 - Nadim

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