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Re: edara

Here's an updated table list for edara - please review further (pay
extra attention to calendar - are all the pieces needed for all the
various permutations on 'repeated' included ?)

Thanks for all the feedback.

 - Nadim

 - TABs: the idea is to have a TAB (epiware.com) for each table in
   the mysql database (for tables that start with "edara_").  This
   will ease adding more modules in the future.
 - Calendar examples:
     mail.yahoo.com (calendar after login - top-right)
 - Other project examples:
     www.phpgroupware.org (note demo - note icons/layout)

# admin_priv    - privilege, 0:no_priv, 1:admin, 2:user
# admin_options - options, unknown as this time
# admin_login   - last login info (update with NULL to rewrite)
CREATE TABLE edara_admin
  admin_id              smallint        NOT NULL unsigned auto_increment,
  admin_name            tinytext        NOT NULL,
  admin_email           tinytext        NOT NULL,
  admin_passwd          tinytext        NOT_NULL,
  admin_priv            tinyint         NOT_NULL default '0',
  admin_options         tinytext        NULL,
  admin_login           timestamp       NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (admin_id)

# task_approved    - valids (N, Y if self-entry)
# task_create_date - in the format YYYYMMDD
# task_due_date    - in the format YYYYMMDD
# task_status      - valids (OPEN, ANALYZED, REJECTED, CLOSED)
# task_email       - notes a list of email addresses to mail info to (if any)
CREATE TABLE edara_task
  task_id               smallint        NOT NULL unsigned auto_increment,
  task_from_id          smallint        NOT NULL unsigned,
  task_to_id            smallint        NOT NULL unsigned,
  task_approved         char    (1)     NOT NULL,
  task_subject          tinytext        NOT_NULL,
  task_create_date      int             NOT_NULL,
  task_due_date         int,
  task_status           tinytext        NOT_NULL,
  task_desc             text,
  task_email            text,
  PRIMARY KEY (task_id)

# task_approved    - valids (N, Y)
# user_create_date - in the format YYYYMMDD
# user_bday        - birthdate in the format YYYYMMDD
# user_from        - person from originally,   format "city, country"
# user_at          - person living currently, format "city, country"
CREATE TABLE edara_user
  user_id               smallint        NOT NULL unsigned auto_increment,
  user_approved         char    (1)     NOT NULL default 'N',
  user_create_date      int             NOT_NULL,
  user_name             tinytext        NOT NULL,
  user_email            tinytext        NOT NULL,
  user_bday             tinytext        NOT_NULL,
  user_from             tinytext        NOT_NULL,
  user_at               tinytext        NOT_NULL,
  user_skill            tinytext        NOT_NULL,
  user_desc             text            NOT_NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (user_id)

# cal_approved    - valids (N, Y if self-entry)
# cal_create_date - in the format YYYYMMDD
# cal_day_alph    - valid (MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT, SUN)
# cal_private     - valid (N, Y) w/ Y others see blocked time no what's in it
# cal_duration    - is in minutes
# cal_task_valid  - valid (Y, N)
# cal_task_id     - if task_valid then entry is task related (include task id)
# cal_repeated    - valid (NO, DAILY, WEEKLY, BI-WEEKLY, MONTHLY, YEARLY)
# cal_rep_by_num  - notes reposition is by date (not day - ie. 15th not Tue)
# cal_rep_days    - valid days per position (eg. 1000101 -> Mon & Fri & Sun)
# cal_rep_freq    - frequency of repetition
# cal_rep_end     - in the format YYYYMMDD (when repetition stops)
# cal_email       - notes a list of email addresses to mail info to (if any)
CREATE TABLE edara_calendar
  cal_id                smallint        NOT NULL unsigned auto_increment,
  cal_user_id           smallint        NOT NULL unsigned,
  cal_approved          char    (1)     NOT NULL,
  cal_create_date       int             NOT_NULL,
  cal_year              int     (4)     NOT_NULL unsigned,
  cal_month             int     (2)     NOT_NULL unsigned,
  cal_day_num           int     (2)     NOT_NULL unsigned,
  cal_day_alph          char    (3),
  cal_subject           tinytext,       NOT_NULL,
  cal_desc              text,
  cal_private           char    (1)     NOT_NULL default 'N',
  cal_duration          smallint,
  cal_task_valid        char    (1)     NOT_NULL default 'N',
  cal_task_id           smallint        unsigned,
  cal_repeated          tinytext        NOT_NULL default 'NO',
  cal_rep_by_num        char    (1),
  cal_rep_days          char    (7),
  cal_rep_freq          int,
  cal_rep_end           int,
  cal_email             text,
  PRIMARY KEY (cal_id)

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