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Haydar - Re: Arabic distro

Simply archiving this email message - don't reply.

 - Nadim

 date:  Wed, 09 Jan 2002 01:41:12 +0100
 from:  "Haydar" <haydar at haydar dot net>
 to:    "Nadim Shaikli" <shaikli at yahoo dot com>
 cc:    "Chahine Hamila" <mch at chaham dot com>,
        "Isam Bayazidi" <bayazidi at accessme dot com>,
        "Mohammed Elzubeir" <elzubeir at fakkir dot net>,
        halkaduhimi at chello dot nl
 title: Re: Arabic distro

Dear Nadim,

I have redden the Thoughts you sent and i don't find any problem with it 
"in other words, i found it very good" because i only want to add to the 
linux world and not dominate it.
About what i have discussed with Mohammed, the peoples who are working 
with me in Haydar Linux have said that it is OK to put our programs in 
your cvs, but it should be in a separate directory 
"/haydarlinux/program-name" and Haydar Linux be mentioned in your pages, 
this is to make sure that no body is taking other persons work without 
mention his name.

I have also sending you below some information's about what we are 
working on and what we need.

Already Assigned programs:
1. Operating System Installer: its name will be BURAQ: the name of the 
   horse of Prophet Mohammed when he rides to the sky.
2. Building and customizing RPMS.
3. Partition manager.
4. X configuration.
5. Sound Configuration.
6. Windows Manager.
7. HTML Editor: Haydar HTML Editor.
8. Notepad.
9. PPP program.
10. Massager that support ICQ, AOL and MSN.
11. Arabic text rendering and hijry date library depends only on 
    standard C++ libraries.
12. Address book.

Programs that not yet assigned to anyone:
1. Translating messages in /usr/share/locale/ar: this needs translating 
   many messages such as these in glibc-common.
2. Arabizing OpenOffice "StarOffice": http://www.openoffice.org
3. Simple Drawing program
4. File Manager/Internet browser.
5. Mail program.
6. Auto. Network configuration.
7. Media Player, with ask and mpeg4 compatibility.
8. Net Meeting compatible program.
9. Arabic Xterm.
10. RPM based installer.
11. GUI CD recording program
12. Backup program that can be integrated with the File Manager.
13. Date time program, which also support hijry dates.
14. A program that can do the job of Direct X.
15. System and drivers configuration.
16. Fonts Installer.
17. EMACS Arabic support.

Programs for a later period:
1. Office compatible applications:
 a. Word processing with the ability to import/export to MS Word.
 b. Excel compatible program.
 c. Power point compatible programs.
2. Advanced Drawing program.
3. Front page look and feel program.
4. Sound recognition software and sound based input.
5. TV program

Please send me any suggestion or idea,

Best regards,
Haydar Alkaduhimi

Nadim Shaikli wrote:

>On Mon, 19 Nov 2001 01:33:39 +0100
> "Haydar" <haydar at haydar dot net> wrote:
>>Sorry that i am very late with answering your e-mail, this happened 
>>because i was very busy with an other project and discussing the 
>>arabeyes issue with the investors.
>Well, I guess its now my turn to appologzie :-)  We've all been a bit
>too busy, apologies about the delay.
>Well, we got together and put forth this "thoughts" document on any
>possible parternships - please give it some thought and we look
>forward to hearing back from you (and seeing you at the IRC.Social
>this coming Fri - Dec 28).
> - Nadim
>### Thoughts ###
>Throughout this document, the term '3rd-party' will be used loosely to
>indicate a third party who is interested in working with Arabeyes (sharing
>resources, developers, contacts, etc.) to achieve the same goal of spreading
>and preaching linux/unix to the Arab world.
>The Basics
> - Things Arabeyes should NEVER compromise:
>   * Arabeyes will only contribute to Open Source (OS) Projects that are GPL 
>     or GPL-friendly
>   * Arabeyes will be driven by the users' needs, and by volunteers efforts
>   * Arabeyes efforts will remain vendor neutral, distribution neutral
> - Arabeyes Offers:
>   * Organization of the development efforts in the arabization field
>   * Communication between different Arabic *ix related projects and teams
>   * Advocating the Arabization of *ix systems
>   * Recruiting developers and translators for various OS arabization projects
>   * Infrastructure of new arabization projects
>   * Talent
> - Arabeyes Needs:
>   * Reaching more developers and interested parties (recruiting)
>   * Making sure that the Arabeyes projects reach those who need it
>   * Arabeyes need to continue to exist, by:
>     + Covering the running cost of Arabeyes which is now covered by Elzubeir
>     + Upgrading connection/hardware/space when needed
>     + Preserving the volunteers' interest in Arabeyes via the creation of an
>       incentive-plan (reward volunteers who are contributing to Arabeyes). 
>   * Arabeyes needs more recognition, by:
>     + Media coverage of Arabeyes work (Tech Features, News Releases)
>     + Involvement in committees/decision-making circles regarding Arabization
>       standards
>     + Arabeyes should finish projects that would benefit the Arab OS
>     + Having a presence in ALL *ix arabization and development workshops
>       and/or seminars. 
>The Details
>I. Where the code lives
>All code should reside (or be mirrored) in the Arabeyes CVS Repository.
>That is important because it ensures the centralization of the efforts,
>making future parties more inclined to follow in-line.  If Arabeyes is
>to mirror then the 3rd-party should have CVS access for arabeyes members.
>The specifics of where exactly it is store is a non-issue (eg. 3rd-party/
>or in the arabeyes' main trunk).
>II. Developer list
>3rd-party developers are encouraged to use the Arabeyes mailing lists, to
>reflect activity of a specific sub-project.

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