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Re: ACE again

On Tuesday 08 January 2002 21:13, you wrote:
> BTW: Isam, did you get a chance to test Akka? The current version on CVS
> should be up to date. It's really hard to commit those changes w/ an
> outdated tarball ;) With multiple copies all over the place, I ended up
> committing auto-generated files then removing them ;)

I do not have fribidi .. what versin should I get ? I remember seeing a note 
by Chahione that he didn't make it for fribidi 1.0 that was just released ..
I am not sure that I am accurate .. if I can know what version of fribidi to 
download I will get it now ( you know I won't download, and spend online time 
unless I am sure, poort me with a slow dialup :-) )

Isam Bayazidi
Amman - Jordan
 Think Linux + Think Arabic = Think www.arabeyes.org