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Re: My next Arabeyes projects...

Mohammed Elzubeir a *crit :

> On Mon, Jan 07, 2002 at 02:06:59PM +0100, Chahine M. Hamila wrote:
> If you say so (although I don't see how this won't divert you from helping us with
> the very basics of Arabization (snip)

I will I will:) I will be passive on that project and won't do more than setting up one
presentation page for now. I am hoping that someday it might attract some interest,
that's it.

> Having said that, I will create the tyka.arabeyes.org subdomain
> (chahine at arabeyes dot org) already exists (feel free to add a ~/.forward file or
> whatever you want). I don't know about the logo though.

Thanks Moe.

> (snip)

waiting for Nadim's explanation about the XFree problem before I go ahead on the
reverse bidi stuff:)

> > Forgot to change the keycodes. In any case, it'll be easy. FreeBSD's compilation
> > should run fine to the extent that a Linux x86's version runs fine provided you
> > use the BSD tools for managing fonts and keyboard layouts in the configuration
> > files (and in config.h at compile time).
> >
> Hrmm.. well, FreeBSD compilation won't run not only because the port is incomplete,
> but now with the deprecated glib-config I simply can't compile it on FreeBSD. I wish
> you could tell me more about chonfigure and glib-config so I can switch akka over to
> use pkg-config. The differences are rather subtle. pkg-config is available on
> arabeyes.org if you would like to test it.
> I am sorry I wasn't able to test akka last night.. I will do so today.

No prob:)
Well, everything that was added is not Linux specific, so the ports you did are enough.
It'll be endian related now, this is the last thing I have to fix.
For the pkg-config stuff, take a look at the file macros/glib.pl (it's short and neat)
and tell me if there's something that escapes you.
That said, I have removed the glib dependency, so in the tarball in arabeyes.org:/tmp,
there shouldn't be any glib.pl macro.