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Re: My next Arabeyes projects...

On Sat, Jan 05, 2002 at 03:28:23PM +0100, Chahine M. Hamila wrote:
> - Teach Your Kids Arabix (TYKA)
> the reason I keep bringing in kids is because I know their situation
> concerning Arabic support in my real life. In Tunisia like in most Arab
> countries computerization is limited. It happens that many (7-8 on a
> nearly daily basis during summer) of my little neighbors often come at
> immediately feasible.

Sounds interesting, but not relevant to Arabeyes immediate needs. As Nadim
has pointed out earlier, we are not done with the basics of arabic
support yet -- it is not time to move to those types of projects yet. Although
it certainly sounds interesting.

In other words, I would list this all the way at the bottom of our priorities

> - Reverse Bidi Specs and implementation in Fribidi or in a standalone
> library.
> This is REQUIRED for reading monodirectional Arabic text in bidi
> applications. I will have to go through testing ICU, using it as an
> inspiration for specifying a clean Reverse Bidi algorithm, and suggest
> an implementation as part of Fribidi or as a standalone library.

All of the above (that I deleted) should be part of the second phase, but
we are still on the first phase. With the exception of the reverse bidi,
which imho, should be part of the list right now.

> Isam, Mohamed, still waiting for your keyboard layouts (standard pc105
> US QWERTY?), I will assume you are using consolechars since it's the
> font setter that has been used for some time now. Don't worry, it'll
> only take you a few minutes to test...

Chahine, you know I'm on FreeBSD all the time. I don't know what I set
arabeyes.org anymore. But, in any case, I have a standard US-101 keyboard.

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