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Re: My next Arabeyes projects...

--- "Chahine M. Hamila" <mch at chaham dot com> wrote:
> Isn't VIM GPL? Sorry not to rush to reading the license, but what does a
> charityware license does Nadim?

Nope its not GPL,


> > The following HOT-PLATE issues concern me (if you are looking for
> > something to work on next),
> >
> >  - XFree86's reply to including shaped Arabic font (code work ??)
> Can you send me a link to the relevant messages please Nadim, I've received
> so many these last days I'm somewhat confused, especially if you keep in
> mind that I have been heavily working on Akka while at the same time
> reviewing my incoming exams:)

The 'developer' mailing-list archives are your friend,


> >  - Arabic xterm (axterm is there - we need fribidi (?) and to incorporate
> >    changes into main trunk - axterm author is on-board, but busy)
> Yes, this one is quite interesting, a gnome-terminal or Kvt with Arabic
> support. But since I don't want to bother learning KDE programming, Kvt
> won't be for me, so if I pick up this one, I'll start with the 
> gnome-terminal.

I'm not talking about session terminals (KDE's or Gnome's); I'm talking
vanilla xterm (akin to what's been done to vim -- no external libs needed
except for fribidi).

> >  - Spell-checker (Elzubeir's baby/orphan & sowalieh ?)
> Yes, great project but HEAVY work.

Hope you don't shy away from challanges !!!
> >  - Web-based project/task manager (like 2-3 days worth of work for you, I
> >    have some concrete ideas (similar to epiware but much much smaller :-)
> details plz?

If there is interest, I can spill my brains on what I have in mind, but
epiware (and portions there-in) is very close to what I envisioned (an
epiware lite++, if you will :-)

> I might add dict protocol for Qamoose... Which is easy work in fact, probably
> worth a day work if we rely on the dictd server... Just give me a few days to
> concentrate on my exams first:)

Sure, keep in mind that this couldn't be lower in priority :-)

 - Nadim 

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