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Re: akka 1.0

--- "Chahine M. Hamila" <mch at chaham dot com> wrote:
> Good points Nadim. The reason I didn't do them though is that I wanted this
> release to be fully functional, and for that I might need Isam's and Moe
> testing for endian related issues first... So I will update the page ASAP,
> but before announcing the new tarball and uploading it, I NEED it to be
> tested on PCs first.

You've already announced the need to test - the question then becomes
test "what" -- you need to upload a tar-ball.  Not all tar-balls have to
be accounted for once a release is made.  In other words, pre-release 1.0a
just to 'developer' for testing and is everything goes well, release 1.0
outright (so, upload 1.0a to /download/akka/).

 - Nadim

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