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Re: akka 1.0

Good points Nadim. The reason I didn't do them though is that I wanted this
release to be fully functional, and for that I might need Isam's and Moe
testing for endian related issues first... So I will update the page ASAP,
but before announcing the new tarball and uploading it, I NEED it to be
tested on PCs first.

Nadim Shaikli a *crit :

> Chahine, you've posted on 'developer' your request for help, but you
> haven't done two very important things yet (that should have been
> done prior to posting)
>  1. update the akka.inc page - news/issues/status
>     last update was in (Oct 18, 2001); you've very much in charge
>     of this page to inform and educate your users
>  2. put a more recent .tar file for people to download instead
>     of the current 0.1a on both the akka.inc page and in /download/akka/
> Please take care of that ASAP since people are downloading and you'll
> get "ah, this is NOT working and that is old", etc.
>  - Nadim
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