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Re: Project/task manager..

On Fri, 4 Jan 2002 15:24:01 -0600
 "Mohammed Elzubeir" <elzubeir at fakkir dot net> wrote:
> Okay, now I remember it.. I ran across this before, and here
> is why I ignored it:
> "EPIware provides a free downloadable version that supports up to 2
> projects and 15 users. If your project has more than 15 users, you need
> to purchase a licensed version. Please consult our sales page for
> further information. Still not sure? We offer a free on-line version
> that you can use to evaluate EPIware's features and functionality. It
> allows you to create up to 5 projects and invite up to 5 users to join
> each project. We provide up to 5 Megabytes of free on-line storage for
> each project."
> (http://www.epiware.com/learn_more.html)
> next ;)

Well, we don't need to use the project part - or just have one project
"Arabeyes" (the number of 15 people is per what exactly ?) -- my question
was whether the database is on OUR site or whether there is any
interaction with THEIR site (queries, storage, etc).

What I'm thinking <grin> is; if we have the source code, can't we modify
it enough to serve OUR purpose.  The interface and all the PHP is certainly
all there that's for sure.  The question that I have left is what type of
license are they under (just downloaded - looks kinda restrictive; confused,
mohammed ?) and whether we could use this tool (or facets of it as a template
to create our own - its much easier to copy something to come-up with
it anew (I know from qamoose experience :-)

I also think that even with the current limitations (15 users, etc),
we can have a use for it (meaning we need to understand what these 15 users
are for -- and how we could map them to our usage).

Something like this, if we were to do it, should take say 3-4 days (with
someone that knows what they are doing, not me :-) and would be good
public relations for us anyways -- not making any decisions simply noting
opinion --> let the search continue.

thoughts/opinions ?

 - Nadim

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