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Re: Akka is functionally complete...

On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 12:29:14AM +0100, Chahine M. Hamila wrote:
> Salaam,
> Just going though some tests before releasing it and breathing, and
> passing to other things. I am pulling my hair over an unexpected bug in
> SWIG/Perl/Linux PPC (dunno which), which will prevent me from testing
> stuff like Glyph Shaping if unfixed. Not resting until it's done, and
> will consider the RPM stuff right after it. I don't know if I'll be able
> to commit directly to CVS, seeing the great quality of my connection. In
> case it'll be easier for me to send you a tarball, I will do that.

Do whatever works for ya, and I'll commit them myself if you are unable
to commit for whatever reason ;)

> Not sure I said it all. I was just thinking about Isam's comments about
> attending Arabeyes meetings. I've had an idea recently, which is, since
> I move a lot. We could decide in advance to organize a meeting in the
> countries I'm visiting, if you folks think it is worth my effort.

I'm not sure I follow -- you and I know that none of us have the luxury of
time (if not money) to travel so we can meet.

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